Our Vision

To produce organically grown fruits and to craft singular wines of the highest caliber. To express the uniqueness of the precious family farm that is Patistis Vineyards.


  At the heart of every great wine is a unique piece of land. Vintages, winemakers as well as viticulturists offer variation. Nature always wants to have the last world. But in the end what remains is the land, immovable and tenacious, telling a story.

 Patistis Vineyards sits at the southern foothills of mountain Pelion on a lean strip of land between Pagasitikos Gulf and Aegean Sea. Farmed organically since 1980, the site has been principally dedicated to the cultivation of the local varieties Xinomavro, Roditis and Limnio. During the last 30 years more plots were added with the varieties Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

  The wines produced here express the exceptional depth, complexity and longevity which characterizes the Patistis Vineyards.

 Our vision is nothing less than to continue the long tradition of Patistis Vineyards while exploring the full potential of this amazing place.

 Preserving and expanding our beautiful estate is both an honor and our aspiration. Through hard work, humility and with the utmost respect for the land,our aim is to craft wines that speak of the Patistis Vineyards with the most authentic way possible.