Patistis Vineyards

We love this land and we work hard with the utmost attention to create wines with an indelible mark from the vineyard.



  Patistis vineyards sits at the southern foothills of mountain Pelion on a lean strip of land between Pagasitikos Gulf and Aegean Sea. Protected by the Pelion mountain to the north and cooled by the Aegean breeze in summer, this small 20 acre farm is planted at the top of well drained slate soils that produce a low wielding crop of exceptional quality.

  The wines produced in this unique place have a rare combination of character with precisely defined flavors and fine textures, intense concentration without any sense of heaviness and the capacity to develop great complexity with age.



Estate Map

The terroir of the Patistis Vineyards is at once complex and diverse.







Organic and Beyond

 We believe in the wisdom of nature. We are firstly farmers trying to reinforce the unique terroir of our vineyards by preserving and promoting the existing biodiversity.


The Patistis Vineyards has been farmed organically since 1980. We do this for two reasons: our belief that these practices result in better wine, and our commitment to caring for this pristine farm in the most thoughtful way that we can.

  Organic farming feeds the soil, enriching the diversity and vitality of microorganisms thereby improving the health of the vines and the complexity of grape flavor.

  We never use inorganic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides at Patistis Vineyards. Instead, we rely on practices such as composting to increase the activity of microorganisms in the soil, cover crops to control erosion and provide habitat and food for beneficial insects as well as green manure for the vines. As a result, our soils and vines – as well as our fruit and walnut orchards,vegetable and flower gardens – are naturally healthy and more resistant to disease and climate stress.