Our Wines

Aiming for perfection at every step of our winemaking, we handcraft wines with a sense of place.


 At Patistis Vineyards respect for the fruit is essential. Terroir leads the way while winemaking takes the back seat. We believe in attention to detail at every step of the winemaking, applying hard work, knowledge, intelligence and the will to challenge and improve ourselves.

 In the vineyard we do our best, within our power, to produce the finest fruit each year. In the cellar our winemaking approach is precise, natural and honest. We respect what each year give us and we craft with utmost attention wines that tell the story of each season.

 This elegant white wine is a combination of the Greek varieties Roditis and Xinomavro from the lower parcels of the Kamara Vineyard. Here the richer upper clay soils moderate the natural acidity of the calcareous subsoil. The resulting wine is an intense expression of the terroir,  exhibiting characteristic flavor of honey, citrus and white flowers combined with a crisp and delicate body marked by the aura of  Aegean sea.



 This fruity, fresh and tannic rose wine is a combination of the Greek Varieties Limnio and Xinomavro from the upper part of the Kamara Vineyard.  The resulting wine exhibits an elegant balance between the robust tannins of the Xinomavro, the fruitiness of Limnio and the acidity of the calcareous soil. It has deep pink color, velvety aftertaste and combines harmonically its' vibrant tannins with aromas of wild red berries and tomatoes.



 This fresh, fruity and joyful red wine is created by the union of the varieties Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon from the easten part of the Matzaraki Vineyard. Here the poor upper sandy soils of the vineyard give wines with rich body while the rocky calcareous subsoil creates a sensation of freshness. This results in a wine with rich body and fresh aromas of dark berries and mint which can be enjoyed equally fresh or aged.



 Assyrtiko by Patistis is a unique expression of the terroir of south Pelion. Grapes from the lower sandy parcel of the Kamara Vineyard are combined with grapes from the rocky blue schist upper parcel of the Mantzaraki Vineyard. The must is then fermented in french oak barrels and stainless steel tank on lees for several months. The resulting wine exhibits distinctive citrus fruits and tea aromas, good structure and crisp acidity with a light hint of oaky flavors.



 This white wine is the result of the white vinification from the grapes of the Greek variety Xinomavro. Fresh and yet ripe, crispy and yet complex the Xinomavro Patistis is an exceptional pure expression of the upper parts of the Kamara Vineyard. It exhibits vibrant notes of honey, citrus and rosewood and combines harmonically the robust tannins of Xinomavro into a ripe and yet fresh and multi-layered wine which can be enjoyed either fresh or after some years.



 To produce Satyros wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and it's companion Syrah are handpicked from the eastern part of the Mantzaraki Vineyard and aged in american oak barrels. The resulting wine exhibits characteristic aromas of black currant, green pepper, leather and vanilla with a lingering crisp finish. Satyros is highly regarded for its' complexity, concentration, weight without heaviness, silky texture and its ability to age for years.